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The CIVED Lab is a one-of-a-kind facility where you can walk through virtual reality representations of yet-to-be-realized products using virtual reality technologies. Students and faculty can use the lab to visualize designs, create immersive VR environments, and test new VR and AR technologies.

The lab includes three-dimensional (3D) projections on the walls and floor and sensory feedback, allowing participants to manipulate objects, which is especially useful in education. They can feel the weight of an object and the resistance of pushback and pull, bringing realism to a new level in a virtual environment.

The VR Lab is home to an interdisciplinary team with the diverse skill set required to work effectively in VR and AR. The group includes experts in computer-aided design, 3D modeling, programming, IT, computer science, engineering, and social sciences.


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Publication at CIVED Lab aims to improve and enhance knowledge sharing in multi-disciplinary research, development, and innovation, especially in digital TVET. The CIVED Lab is committed to providing the opportunity to publish research in the TVET field.


Projects enable trade and industry organizations to improve their performance. Businesses and communities can participate in ongoing projects or suggest a development theme for future projects.

Digital Learning

The CIVED Lab creates digital learning for education through VR/AR. By combining 3D graphics with real-world experiences, VR and AR have the potential to improve digital learning and make interactive learning modules significant.


The CIVED Lab provides quality assistance with specific tasks and the introduction of digital technology in TVET to provide an entry point for engagement and discussion, even if knowledge or experience differs.


The CIVED Lab offers workshops and training in the development of AR, VR, 2D, and 3D modeling to aid in developing digital TVET.


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